Cracked Jewel: The Division Over Industrial Development in Redlands, CA


The documentary about industrial development and historic race and class divisions in Redlands is here!

Thank you, comrades, for your patience, support, and encouragement as I worked on this project. You can view the completed documentary here. Stay tuned for news about a high resolution screening with special guests and a q&a.

Special Thanks:

Shannon Garcia
Sean Marin
Jenna Guzman-Lowery
Mario Saucedo
Erin Perez Hagstrom
Daniel Klooster
Yvette Vargas
Jesse Hardman
Quinn Mayes
Em Hilberer
Jennifer Tilton
Catherine Gudis
Audrey Maier
Dominic Indolino
Jared Spence Dobias
J and Eric Beckett

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