Redlands Remembers Businesses' Actions During Pandemic Height


Last week, The People's Redlands Post asked readers if they continue to factor in local businesses' responses and attitudes during the height of the pandemic when deciding where to spend money. The answer was overwhelmingly "Yes!" A few of the many responses are below:

"100%. How businesses have chosen to respond to the Covid 19 Pandemic affects where I do business. Public Health mandates are not political, and anyone who chose to make them so endangered the health and safety of the entire community."

"I'm not spending at places that didn't care about their community when it was literally life & death."

"If they were sh***y during the pandemic, they have most likely lost my business forever. There’s literally no excuse for businesses that refused, and actively fought, the most basic of public safety measures."

"Yes, I literally made of list of these people bc anti-mask/ant-vax is an indicator of deeper issues with their ideologies, only one of which is believing that Q is real, which is just silly, but others ranging from homophobia to white supremacy which are dangerous and uphold fascist views. They get no small business valor from me, and can dry up for all I care."

"I absolutely only shop/eat at places that gave a shit about the health of the most fragile during the height of the ongoing pandemic."

"Absolutely. There were many businesses that I disagreed with *some* of their actions but I still felt they were trying to do at least something to mitigate spread and contagion and they were just missing the mark at some level. Those businesses I do not hold a lasting grudge against. Rules were changing and people were confused and stressed with their livelihoods at stake. I can forgive imperfection. But there are a handful of businesses who showed such a gross lack of concern for human life and health. And they were aggressive with their lack of care. It was purposeful and selfish and they were proud to fight against the greater good. Those business I will absolutely never step foot in again."

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